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Bringing personalized education home through online or offline means by enabling access to one-on-one sessions with qualified and experienced tutors.

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Acting as a facilitator to enable direct access between students and teachers. We strive to maintain the quality of education by holding regular accountability checks.


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The idea behind this venture is that a student is more likely to learn and acquire better skills in a personalized environment where a direct dialogue between the student and teacher enables unswerving attention of teacher towards student which is otherwise difficult to achieve in regular classroom set up.
This platform offers students and parents to choose their desired tutors for various courses according to one’s requirement.
Also, if you are a Tutor, you can apply and get relevant inquiries based on your skills and offer online as well as offline coaching services.


With over 5 years of experience imparting education in various institutions, I realize that every student needs a mentor for personal growth and overall development. In my interaction with students, parents and teachers, I understood that there is a need for a more personalized approach towards education where students and teachers can freely and personally interact with each other. Borrowing from personal experiences and discerning the effectiveness of one-on-one sessions, the idea of tutor and you emanated.
– Vishvas Arora, B.A., L.L.B(Hons.) (Jindal Global Law School)

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